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Solution for Warehouse Management

QAS with expertise in developing customized solutions for warehouse management primarily for manufacturing industries has benefited global manufacturing customers to a great extent in terms of carrying stocks of required materials within the defined permissible stock level.

Our team at QAS is capable of building customized solutions for the unique needs of your Warehouse. We design and develop according the client’s requirement and ensure that the solution is a perfect fit. We help you keep pace with market demands and ease the in and out of stock to ensure that the warehouse is always at its optimal storage capacity. You can benefit from a streamlined process, cost and inventory control and increased profits by using our Warehouse Management solutions.


  • Maintain a balance between too much and too little inventory.
  • Reduce expenses on labor and storage by managing tasks and improving processes.
  • Helps companies cut expenses by minimizing the amount of unnecessary parts and products in storage.
  • Traceability
  • Modeling and managing the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.g. racking, etc.).
  • Access to real time reporting.
  • Tracking where products are stocked, which suppliers they come from, and the length of time they are stored. By analyzing such data, companies can control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehouse space.
  • Increased throughput with integration.
  • Material request through transaction based.