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Industry 4.0 IIoT

  • Quadruple helps our customers design and implement various Industry 4.0 systems, that can add many values to the business including productivity & quality improvement, consumption optimization, down time reduction etc
  • Our strong knowledge in OT (Operation Technology) systems (Plant Control systems & Instrumentation systems) and IT (Information Technology) systems enable us in designing a packaged solutions for your requirement. We always provide scalable and cost-effective solutions that will follow Industry standards, and open architecture
  • Our years of experience in OT & IT systems help us in easier integration of the plat OT systems with Industry 4.0 systems. As a vendor independent system integrator, our technical resources are experienced in almost all the major OEM products, which helps us in easier integration of different OEM systems including legacy and latest systems. We support our customers with Designing & Implementation of Plant OT systems, starting from field sensors to SCADA and the other latest Industry 4.0 systems
  • We have a focused team for Industry 4.0 Services