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Solutions for Manufacturing Human Resource Management system.

Why Quad HRMS?

Quadruple's HRMS Solution provides a platform for better employee communication there by paving way for a transparent, positive organizational culture and higher productivity levels amongst employees specifically for Manufacturing Companies.

  • Single window web based console for employees help them in completely realigning their HR Processes, reduces time spent on administrative activities and significantly enhances individual and corporate productivity
  • Completely eradicating time and error prone manual process. Automating the complete HR process effectively improves business and administrative process time
  • Comprehensive employee records created in the application helps to aggregate, manage and maintain all employee related information during the complete life span of service of the employee with the organization
  • HRMS Application is a easily customizable software which can be completely realigned according to the HR process of the customers
  • Users have the flexibility to access HRMS Application in both Web & Mobile platforms.


Streamlined, modernized HR processes and flexible in supporting third party applications.

  • Improved Management – All HR related information is available on-line providing managers more information upon which to base their employee management decisions
  • Increased HR Manager Productivity – Human Resource's self-service capabilities reduce inquiries to HR from both employees and managers, freeing HR managers for other tasks
  • Accessible to every employee with self service features
  • Enhanced productivity by electronic data movement
  • Improved scope of Employee training and skill enhancement using the Learning Management solution
  • Streamlined Recruitment process
  • Better visibility into HR operations with enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Easy manageable repository of HR data.
  • Email / Mobile notification across all requests.

Mobile HRMS

Empower your employees to take smarter and faster decisions from anywhere, everywhere.

  • Mobile attendance through GPS Lat & Long coordinates allows globally distributed organizations to track their workforce activities and movements, accurately capture their time & attendance and obtain an edge in Human Capital Management.
  • Accelerate workflow alerts and instant approvals.

Employees can perform following self-service through their mobile phones:

  • Request / Cancel Leave
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Permission Request
  • Time Sheet Generation
  • Service Request & Approvals
  • Business Trip
  • Refreshment Trip
  • Guest Trip
  • Go Team
  • Local Cab
  • Local Conveyance
  • Asset
  • Update HRMS modules