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Automating pricing lists we ensure that the user interface remains uncompromised while showcasing and featuring their entire product range and the various permutations and combinations of product varieties the customer can juxtapose choosing a unique product combo or a combo of products to suit their specific requirements.

Our expert team is adept in understanding the unique Price List Automation needs of every product as they take into account the type, target segment, reach and utility of the product before arriving at a flexible design. You can depend on us to deliver the best solution for your Price List Automation needs.


  • Displaying the pricing and price of the products in multiple currencies
  • Built – in capacity to handle 50000 different products
  • Media Access Control Protection for the addresses of customers
  • Store, manage and generate data and reports on vendors and information pertaining to them.
  • Admin has the facility to create and control multi-level access for the different type of users who access the software for information and process.