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Mobility for Smart Manufacturing

Utilization of mobile devices and applications are, drastically, changing the way manufacturing industry is operating. Businesses have started to implement mobility solutions in their manufacturing functions to yield better results.

Following mobile apps can certainly leverage the shop floor productivity by providing real time data to the workers

  • Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)
  • Quality Auditing
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Damage & Hazard Reporting
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Dashboard
  • Machine/Equipment Breakdown Management
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Shop floor work order status & Order History
  • MIR Tracker
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Shop floor Survey
  • Time Office

A recent Gartner study says that CIOs working at manufacturing companies now rank the investment in mobile technologies as a top priority

The B2B potential is now being realized as organizations can obtain the benefits of real-time data, customization and the return on investment that mobile technology is able to offer

As per a report published by Forbes, manufacturing units have seen 13% increase in sales, the first six months these applications were available. And, Inresearch says, 54% respondents believe enabling plant supervisors to leverage all information to do their jobs on mobile devices will be the biggest impact of mobility in manufacturing.

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