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Downtime Tracking System

Availability of machines/equipment in a shop floor has been an impending factor for measuring the productivity loses. Achieving zero downtime is the vision of every plant engineer. This can be achieved only if the actual reason for downtime of machines/equipment is analyzed and necessary corrective actions are taken.

Meeting the current production demand is the prime focus of every manufactures. One of the major factors that influence the production volume is the machine availability and efficiency.

Capturing machine downtime and reason for downtime, provides vital information for every plant management to identify the major contributing reason for downtime which helps in taking corrective actions for breakdown. DTS is a system to track machine/equipmentdowntime on real time.

Key Benefits:

  • Real time machine downtime tracking
  • No paper work for recording equipment downtime.
  • Helps to reduce the production loss by identifying the real root cause for every equipment downtime.
  • SMS & email alerts
  • View machine status in Android mobile devices.
  • Real time reporting service with export to excel & PDF option.
  • Reports can be viewed in any desktop, connected to the same network.
  • Comes with a pack of reports like;
    • Downtime pareto
    • Top 10 reasons for downtime
    • Equipment availability
    • Mean Time Between Failure
    • Mean time Between repairs
    • Custom built reports