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Working at Quadruple

As a young and innovative company, Quadruple seeks individuals who are willing to go that extra mile to achieve their dreams and goals. We believe in building a diverse work force and our work culture creates a plethora of opportunities for you to explore and achieve. At Quadruple, we collaborate to innovate and deliver the best value to our clients and customers.

A place for bright minds with big ambitions

If you are someone who dreams big and aims to reach great levels in your career, Quadruple is the place for you. Our leadership team is constantly looking for people who have the burning desire in them to carve a niche for them in the organization.

A Great Place to work

Some say your workplace is your second home. But we believe it in making it 'the home'. Our high-energy work atmosphere makes you feel important and enables you to realize your fullest potential. We promote an environment that allows individuals to interact with the leadership team in the most conducive and comfortable manner.

Your Recognition is our reward

One of the most important aspects of a highly motivated workplace is that of recognition and reward. Our R&R Programs ensure that every employee is recognized for they work they do and the purpose they serve. We follow an ethical and comprehensive approach when it comes to recognizing and rewarding talent.

Your Learning and Training Hub

Although a young company, Quadruple places extreme importance on learning and training new skills. We encourage every employee to learn and train, on and off his or her roles, identify their hidden potentials and create their career. Our HR initiatives on leadership entrepreneurship, and career development keep you well equipped with skills for the next progressive step in your career. Most of all, we believe in continuous learning and training as it ensure greater levels of productivity and meritorious performances.

Here's how Quadruple is moving to make its mark on Talent Management and Employee Engagement.

Quadruple's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

QEIP a novel and unique initiative from Quadruple, encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the kindles the innovative mind, by allowing them to present their ideas on new business ways or business models.

This highly impactful, interdisciplinary approach sets the base for our leaders of tomorrow. Well, how does the QEIP exactly work? We first encourage individuals to come up with unique business or operational ideas. These are then discussed and the most practical and viable ideas are chosen for further enhancement and refinement , then chalked into a workable plan that lead to the formation of an ancillary unit or a separate business model. Well, now the owners of this concept or idea become the leaders of stakeholders of the budding business unit.

Objectives of this Program:

  • To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among employees.
  • Creating an environment for innovations.
  • Promotion of technology based new businesses/ancillary units.
  • Creating value added jobs and services.
  • Mobilize support for commercialization of R&D outputs.

Quadruple's Leadership Excellence Development Program (LEDP)

Our focus in grooming leaders and inculcating leadership qualities is continuous and we aspire to raise benchmarks on this process through our Leadership Excellence Development Program (LEDP). The program is an accelerated leadership development program typically focusing on these areas:

  • Leading Quadruple in a complex, changing world.
  • Creating an Environment for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Identifying leadership qualities in our employees.
  • Effective Delegation of Responsibility.
  • Building a sustainable leadership model for Quadruple in the future.

As an organization, it is our critical need to invest in future leaders and nurture them to flourish as tomorrow's leaders. We understand that effective management of employee or human capital is essential to achieve our long –term business goals. Organizational success is only possible by identifying right people and by providing training, tools, structures, incentives, and accountability to work effectively.

We aim to :

  • Equip our functional managers with advanced decision making skills.
  • Prepare low and middle management employees with execution skills.
  • To ensure that low and mid-level managers are ready to accept cross-functional responsibilities.
  • Prepare potential leaders to lead from the front, facilitate change and innovation, and drive organizational growth.

Through LEDP we nurture the employee's potential with formal mentoring and personal coaching. Promising candidates are provided with the necessary training and assignments that help them to grow and develop a passion to embrace the spirit of learning and leading.

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Why us?

At Quadruple, we strive to think outside the box. Our team sport culture drives our rapid growth and creates a dream job experience. We look for employees who share our belief that the market is ripe for innovation and primed for growth. We want people who want to apply innovative ideas and who want to make a direct and meaningful impact in their daily work.If this description fits you, we love to hear from you.

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