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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry faces several techno-commercial challenges by globalization, increasing competition, evolving fast internationally, with regulation on environmental impact and consumer demand for high technology & performance

Our Quality is strictly determined by process parameter to attain which we need to monitor each stage of process continuously 24*7 and to take corrective action accordingly. Since the car manufacturing process is Complexity the above process reduces the wastage of raw material in each stage and utilized it maximum - optimized technique to get high technology & performance.

Our domain expertise in bo th IT(information Technology) & Industrial Automation ( IIoT 4.0) teams helps to get maximum productivity in each stage of process to attain high accuracy and efficiency to achieve (y)our operational excellence.

MES Implementation & Support
Digital Pick System Implementation & Support

Functionalities Covered

  • Market place configuration
  • Part Pick Guidance
  • Part Pick Validation
  • Alerts
  • Dynamic Consumption
  • Reports Generation
  • Order Management & BOM Management
  • Routing & Order Tracking
  • Quality Management
  • Genealogy
  • Error Proofing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Booking
  • Production Consumption
  • Reports