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Solution for Kitting process

Kitting is an important inventory and assembly management process .Kitting is an assembly function as it is the grouping of separate but related products together. Once these multiple unique parts packaged together, they are presented in the assembly line. Now Kitting is the actual picking mechanism of the right part or the right component, for those related parts that would also be picked to assemble into the final product or a part of the final product. At Quadruple Automation Services we identify areas in manufacturing that can use IT solutions to leverage and maximize productivity and efficiency and reduce errors and rework.

Digital Picking System

A well-defined and effective Kitting process is determined by the picking system used. At QAS we only use the best of the Digital Picking System to ensure the Kitting Process is one that adds value to the assembly line enabling greater inventory management and reduced overall deliveries in the assembly line.

DPS system is a paperless picking system that uses light modules to pick goods instead of using an invoice or paper to put goods in order or place them in their pre-determined or allocated space in the warehouse or the assembly line. The Pick-to-Light system widely supports the speedy and accurate distribution of goods and is a technology or procedure that has been accepted hands down by manufacturers and warehouse and inventory managers.

Benefits of the Digital Picking System

  • Increases the speed of the picking process dramatically
  • Reduces duplication at the time of order fulfillment
  • Aligns and coordinates to facilitate a smooth kitting process
  • Eliminates or reduces sequencing issues in the assembly line
  • The picking system is paperless and thereby reduces the missing of details.
  • Ensures that the right components are picked for the right packages or kits reducing errors and cost.